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The modern era of technology has made both our bodies and minds lazy. We expect everything to be handed to us, available anytime, anywhere: books have now gone online, you can avoid crowded Christmas shopping lines at the mall with the click of a mouse, music is available to download for free; even a good joke or a laugh is something you can find online to entertain people. If we could, we’d love to eat at the click of a button!

Well, long before you could go out to the cinema to catch the latest Star Wars sequel or enjoy a cozy night on the sofa with the iPad in your lap to browse Entertainment Weekly, people had to engage their minds a little more to create their own types of amusement. No one was bored, no one made up excuses. Songs and stories were carried around from generation to generation and everyone enjoyed them no matter their age.

Long winter nights by candlelight were the perfect gathering place for the whole neighborhood where they could hear stories about their favorite heroes coming to life. Damsels in distress, vampires and witches hungry for human flesh and blood, puppet theaters and even funny riddles with answers to guess. All books found from ancient and medieval times use riddles as a main literary form of expression and creativity to puzzle the mind. Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and ancient Egyptians were rich in witty riddles that question life and nature’s surroundings. Even King George I and Bonaparte’s contemporaries enjoyed a good enigma, and fast forwarding to the present-day world we all know and live in, riddles have inevitably taken on a newer form that is still as intriguing to the mind as it was centuries ago.

Funny riddles are a great way to have fun and engage your mind into interpreting things and creating its own view on the world. A riddle is supposed to be catchy, fun and preferably with rhyme to be easily remembered, especially if you’re trying to entertain young children. And you’d be surprised at how many answers you are going to get wrong yourself, feeling funny in the end when someone does tell you what it was about. They’re all really very simple, you just have to think a little harder and put your common sense button on. Nevertheless, we’re still going to let you get away with it since we’re going to supply you with funny riddles and answers as well. All our funny riddles and jokes come with answers to make it easier for you to remember them and be the star at the next party you attend. Stop going out to do the usual: movie, then dinner, then drinks, then what else not. Get creative and for once make a night to remember! Invite all your friends for game night and end it with a fun section of riddles and charades. The kids can join in too, as we have great riddling mysteries for them to solve as well, with their parents or school friends.

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To find inspiration among a great amount of riddles, of course!