Who needs a wing-man with a couple of great pick up lines up your sleeve?



Different people, different personalities. While you may be hiding up in a corner of a crowded house party too afraid to approach the girl you like, another guy is already making a move on her with his outdated pick-up lines no one ever falls for. And who’s to blame when he does end up taking her number in the end? Well, you… Because you didn’t have the guts to let everything go and chat her up. You know you’re way better than him. And we know you’re better than him.

But that’s just it, you either have it or you don’t. Some people are born with the gift to swipe everybody off their feet even when they’re not saying or doing much. Those who are used to being in the spotlight enjoy the attention they get and know how to get the night fired up; they light up the room simply with their presence. It’s all in the level of confidence. They’ll start off with a couple of good witty jokes to make everyone laugh, they dance around and maybe even tune up the old karaoke machine. Yes, it all comes naturally to them, but hanging around among new crowds or colleagues you’ve just met can be pretty awkward if you’re a generally closed person and these kinds of things don’t come spontaneously to you. Sliding down a couple of extra glasses of wine down your throat will certainly not help to make the uncomfortable situation better when you see them wooing down your girl.

Well, you let this one get away, but we won’t forgive you next time. And there will be a next time, because we are here to prep you up and boost your confidence with a collection of nothing but the best pick-up lines you’ll love to get it on with. We’ll make sure you don’t turn out to be an annoying jerk with cheesy pick-up lines. Everything you’ll read fits into the definition of a “tasty joke”, and there is no woman who’ll be able to resist your wit and sense of humor. You’re really on a good way to get a date!

And you don’t have to limit your new-found outgoingness just within the limits of romantic endeavors. Now you can finally get to know your colleagues better at the Christmas party or avoid awkward conversations at family dinners. Good pick up lines are a great ice breaker and conversation starter, not to mention an amazing way to break a weird moment of silence. There’s nothing a few good hilarious jokes can’t fix. Everyone enjoys the charms of a clever, likeable person with a good sense of humor. Rest assured that you’ll be making a good impression as you’re confidently hitting it off. Positive energy is easily noticeable and everyone loves the company of cheerful people around them.

So there you have it. Everything is better when you take on the world with a happy spirit and a positive state of mind. Depending on the place and situation, you can always make it better with a carefully chosen comment or a funny story. Don’t push it, just let it come to you. And if you’re in the search for inspiration, what better place to look than our selection of best pick up lines ever?