How many Juans does it take to laugh at Mexican Jokes? A whole bunch!



When someone mentions Mexicans, most of us immediately think of a dark-skinned person named Juan with a smiling face, talking loud and wearing a sombrero while eating a burrito. Yes, a very comic image indeed, but once we get past this usual stereotype, we’ll see there’s more to the Mexican culture than that. If you’ve had a chance to work with someone from this nationality or make a close friend, you’ll see that Mexicans largely value hierarchy and structure and always put family first. Their life revolves around a strong connection with other family members and everyone is treated with respect.

Mexico’s unique culture is made up of different ethnic groups and is characterized by traditional values, emphasized by hierarchical relationships in both family and business matters. And since everyone functions in this way privately, it is only understandable the whole country is based upon this authoritarian approach. And even though it has been implemented in every aspect of Mexican society, the country is still faced with a number of economical and national problems.

That’s why so many Mexicans have found the solution to these problems in creating a new life for themselves in the United States. While being away from home and their loved ones, they strive to earn a living and improve their standards working across the border. And this is not a new trend either. The Mexican immigration phenomenon began over a century ago, with remarkable expansion during the 1960’s and it has been going on since. The poor Mexican folk have gone away from home so that their family can have food on the table. They mixed themselves among the other population of the USA and are now a significant ethnicity percentage. Having introduced bits of their culture and customs, they became one of the bigger peoples of the country, and hence the birth of jokes about Mexicans.

People took advantage of the cheerful Mexican character and started enjoying funny Mexican jokes. Truth is, you never notice distinguishable features while living among your people – everyone’s the same. But when you go abroad, differences become noticeable. People observe at how you do and say things since you’re the stranger, and all of these stories about Mexicans circulating among them grew into the common stereotype we all know that is so naturally incorporated into hilarious Mexican jokes. When you know something is deliberately exaggerated, such as all the anecdotes involving a person with a native Mexican name as the main character, it’s hard to find it offensive or even inspiring a racial conflict. It’s actually funny, but in the end it all depends on where you’ve heard it. Hearing one of your own say it is hardly hurtful, whereas coming from the mouth of a gringo, well… It’s a different story.

With the sole intention of making you laugh and not insulting anyone, we offer you a category of the funniest Mexican jokes in English, as a part of a whole series of racial jokes. Grab your laptop, iPad or cell phone and enjoy scrolling down to find funny one-liners about Montezuma’s revenge; eating chilli, tacos and guacamole; outdated bean jokes, and repeated mentions of the name Juan. Let us crack up together with you as you read the best Mexican jokes on the Internet!