Tell a Child a Funny Joke and They'll Say It Over and Over Again Until You Hate It.



Nothing is more pure than the love between a child and their parents. Moms and dads have always found ways to connect with their children and become even closer: enjoying a picnic on a warm spring weekend, a fun day at the beach building sandcastles or a full Saturday marathon of Disney animated movies. Yes, these are all things you can put an extra effort into to create healthy, unbreakable family bonds, but there are other things you naturally build into a child’s character through their development which bring you together, such as a good sense of humor.

Of course, encouraging your child to a happy laughter is first of all genetically built-in into its nature, rather than thought by yourself or someone else. Newborn babies start showing smirks and little signs of smiles even hours after being brought into this world and start experiencing true laughter several months later. However, it is up to you as a parent to continue to further develop this intuitive trait into a fine sense of humor that will have your child growing normally according to their age. Starting to present the concept of humorous stories and child friendly jokes early on greatly helps into developing healthy individuals.

As a child reaches a certain age, so does their sense of humor and understanding of jokes enter a new phase. The same 2-year old that enjoyed numerous repetitions of the peek-a-boo game will probably find it tremendously boring as a 6-year old. And this is nothing to be alarmed about. There’s nothing wrong with your loving child and their appreciation for your good humor, they’ve just entered a whole new level of intellectual development. Surely you must’ve realized at some point they’ll stop stressing over whether mommy is hiding behind those hands or not. Maybe now they’ll find knock-knock children jokes more amusing. They might even enjoy a great comeback to the annoying “Why did the chicken cross the road?

Funny jokes for kids are a great way to encourage their positive, cheerful attitude towards life. Remember, laughing kids are happy kids. It is up to you to build this into their character through play and a humorous environment. After all, humor is a social activity; if they see that mommy is happy and laughing, they will be too, and this turns them into optimistic, confident persons that can handle life’s punches and surprises a little bit easier. Chuckling together with your little one and telling them silly jokes for kids not only has emotional and social benefits over them, but also improves their overall health. It is only natural that they suffer less from depression and other mental illnesses since they experience less stress, which in turn results into improved physical well-being.

Dealing with a stressful situation through funny jokes for children makes everything seem better. It’s always interesting to watch how a little kid that’s been crying or afraid of something starts to forget about it as a smirk starts to appear on their face when you’ve told them something funny. So, next time you’re at the dentist’s waiting room with your child impatiently pounding their feet against the wall, browse through this category and tell them one of our hilarious kids jokes to get them a bit more relaxed before the doctor starts drilling.