Laughing is something that comes naturally, but with adult jokes you have to be creative!



As the most sophisticated creatures evolution managed to bring into existence in this world, humans have certain traits they share with no other living being. Our ability to think and act rationally, a conscience that makes us question our actions, the ability to articulate words, and overall power to manage the world around us. Yet there’s another thing we all more or less share that distinguishes us from our furry friends that we especially love: the sense of humor, of understanding and sincerely laughing at a joke.

Ever since the first day of our birth, we have a genetic disposition at smiling when we’re pleased with something. With babies, it starts when they see their mother’s face approaching or at the smell of some sweet food, and this continues to develop further as we become older. However, different things affect how we are going to reinforce this personal characteristic during growth. The most important thing, of course, is a person’s natural susceptibility towards a positive attitude in life. Whether or not we find something funny depends on our general understanding of the world around us. The environment and way in which we are brought up also play their part. The point is, a good sense of humor is not something we are born with, it’s something that evolves along with ourselves.

When childish knock-knock jokes turns into witty adult humor, you know you’ve become a healthy individual with a normal sense of fun. And we don’t need a group of researchers telling us statistics about how fun and healthy humor is for us; we know that a good laugh with dear people makes us feel better. We don’t even have to lose our breaths over it; just a quiet, amusing smile can instantly fix up our mood. You know how sometimes you come across a clever, adult joke on the car radio on your way to work or on your Facebook timeline while you’re scrolling down waiting for the elevator? Yes, that’s the kind.

So next time you’re feeling down or depressed, you can force onto yourself a positive spirit by catching up on several jokes. Just open up your lap top and start reading. You know, there’s nothing wrong with laughing on your own; as a matter of fact, the same of those researchers mentioned above recommend it, but enjoying a few good laughs with your closest family and friends is even better. You can share humorous anecdotes, and it’s perfectly normal to switch on to funny jokes for adults when the glasses of wines have become one too many.

As a big social activity, laughing brings you closer to others and aids into reinforcing group identity and altruism. Feeling the positive energy around really increases friendliness and brings individuals closer together, making them feel like they belong. Adult jokes are a great ice breaker for parties (that don’t include the kids, of course! take them to your mother’s) and gathering events when your main goal is to unwind and have a good time. They may never be appropriate, but they’re always funny. And they’re a great way to see how far people can go with their creativity. Just join in on the fun and let them crack you up.