Clean jokes so hilarious you won’t need extra dirt!



Telling jokes has always been a fun activity enjoyed by two parties: the teller and the listener. And while some people are born entertainers, others enjoy cornering up and watching someone else take the spotlight. Well, we’re not all the same and besides, how else would have “comedian” become an actual profession? People enjoy having a good laugh because it makes them forget about their problems, at least for that time, and they feel more relaxed and open to let the positive thoughts in. Having a good sense of humor means you’re able to get through life’s obstacles in an easier manner.

There’s actually way more psychology behind the benefits of humor, as laughter is probably the best thing for your mental health. Whenever you’re feeling negative emotions taking over, it’s a good idea to fight them with a good laugh. Why? Because laughing releases endorphins that work faster than anything else to fix you up and cure your mental state. Enjoying a nice, clean joke has the power to heal your state of mind and release you from your burden. It practically changes your mood in an instant! You’ve probably noticed how laughing releases you from emotional stress, leaving you relaxed and happier. Its psychological benefits find their way to your overall physical state. Laughter is, indeed, the best medicine.

And if you’ve had enough of these philosophies of ours, just have them in mind next time someone invites you to a stand-up comedy night. Hearing a bunch of other people laugh in the same room as you will have you sharing a chuckle as well, even if you don’t find what they’re saying on stage that funny. Saying a few funny jokes, clean humor examples is a great way to start the show. Everyone can understand and sympathize with a story about someone they met on the elevator, about a fight with their wife, or a gaggle they enjoyed with their kids. It’s a lot easier and safer to use clean jokes that include no racial, sexual or religious allusions; everyone enjoys the funny clean jokes themselves without taking it personally and getting insulted.

Some comedians prefer more explicit humorous stories and jokes relating to these “prohibited” subjects to make sure they’ve has a successful show. However, we consider this option to be a safe choice only when you’re sure about the structure of your audience. If you know there are no members of a certain ethnic, religious or other type of group that you’re planning on mentioning in your act, then you can probably go ahead. Not everyone accepts a joke and that’s the whole thing behind it. Otherwise, you can never go wrong with keeping it clean. Funny jokes will be funny even if they don’t include swearing.

That’s enough of our talking. We’re leaving you to enjoy our section of good clean jokes that you can use to make anyone laugh. They’re child-safe, work-safe, even family dinner-safe! And how clean in fact, they are – you’ll be the judge of that.