'Tis the season! Get your holiday spirit up and share a couple of funny Christmas Jokes with your loved ones.



There’s Easter and the 4th of July, then there’s Labor Day, but when it comes to Christmas, Andy Williams said it right for all of us: “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” – and it always will be. There’s something about Christmas that really makes it special. It’s not just hearing jolly festive music when you’re out shopping for presents, or watching your Mother get all excited about the new nativity scene she’s trying out in the front yard this year; it’s every single thing joined together that make this beautiful season bring warmth inside our hearts. Christmas is the time to love, to be happy, to forgive, and spare a couple of Christmas jokes with your friends and family, and even strangers on the subway. Seeing everyone cheerful, going about their business and getting hastily ready will get you right into a merry Christmas mode so you won’t be able to resist a good laugh at some funny jokes. But that’s what this holiday is all about in the first place!

Everyone celebrates this special festivity their own way, but a traditional Christmas Eve dinner will most probably include a nicely cooked turkey with mashed potatoes on the side, and something sweet is certainly inevitable – be it fruitcake or pumpkin pie. Yummy! So now that everyone’s on the table, what’s a little celebration without some fun and humor? No Christmas dinner is simply complete without some really funny Christmas jokes to share with everyone and laugh at together. So after everyone’s done with their meal, it’s time to take the party to the sitting room and enjoy a cup of hot tea or coffee by the burning fireplace. This may be the eggnog talking, but are Uncle Jack’s gags and one-liners about Santa and his reindeer coming down the chimney actually starting to make sense? Of course, Aunt Abby has to keep an eye on him to make sure his jokes are actually both child and adult appropriate, rolling her eyes to his undoubtedly tipsy laughter, but she’s actually enjoying spending this family time herself with all the cousins, nieces, and nephews gathered around. Seeing all those presents wrapped in colored paper under the Christmas tree may make you wish it was morning already, but you’ll have to wait just yet. You may wear the new gloves Auntie gave you during the entire winter, but remembering that time you all laughed together at some short jokes during Christmas dinner will stay in your memory for good.

No, Christmas is not about who gave you the most expensive and thoughtful gift, or whether you’re going to get a larger bonus than last year at work. It’s not about making up your New Year’s resolutions or writing a wish list to Santa either. Being surrounded by your friends and family – the people you love, that feeling of togetherness and shared happiness, taking the time to think about how beautiful life is; nothing in the world can replace that. That’s exactly what we want to achieve with these Christmas jokes of ours: help you create beautiful moments and memories with your loved ones. Families that laugh together, stay together.