Don't find blonde jokes offensive, you don't see them getting creative over brunettes!



It is in a person’s nature to notice things that people do differently and on a certain level, “judge”, by their personal appearance or attitudes and ways of doing things. And some do this more than others. So, it is only understandable that these types of people started to unite their opinions into certain thoughts that started to evolve into generally acknowledged viewpoints, and thus, the emergence of stereotypes began. First, it was the unacceptance of other cultures inhabiting one’s land, then labeling women as “witches” just because they looked different, and then significant distinctions between the rich and poor arose.

The modern times in which we live in today is abundant in stereotypes more than ever. Everyone judges everyone else based on reasons they only think are acceptable by others. A typical example of this is the stereotype of the “dumb blonde.” Blonde jokes are so common today they are universally understood and enjoyed, as they have been so popularized by the media, especially the movie industry.

It all began during the Golden Era of Hollywood when beautiful, blonde women portrayed themselves as having more fun and depended highly on their good looks rather than their intelligence. These fun-loving creatures typically had a brunette counterpart: the voice of reason behind their headfirst decisions which would eventually lead them to become powerful, independent individuals by the end of the film. So it is of no surprise that “gentlemen prefer blondes”. Men were so crazy about light-haired women that it was the most popular hair color during the 40’s and 50’s.

Just think blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe. Her busty physique, very light hair and obvious lack of intelligence turned her into the most desired woman of the 20-th century. All men wanted to be with her, all women wanted to be like her. She and actresses of her generation conveyed a new kind of stereotype that would replace the Femme Fatale and transform the idea of unobserved female sexuality into a noticeable shift of power among the sexes.

But the psychology behind funny dumb blonde jokes is actually quite deeper. It is possible to imagine that just because blonde women are perceived as more beautiful, they actually began to justify the stereotype on its own. They’ve learned to rely on their good looks to leave a good impression, without having to worry about whether or not their intellect is visible. They don’t feel a need to cultivate their intellectual maturity as they can always get away with seeming “cute and naïve.” However, this way of thinking cuts both ways since it might actually affect these women’s future career prospects negatively.

Well, we’ve decided to put all of this aside. Blonde women have always been attractive and desirable; and intelligent or not, funny blonde jokes are really funny. We don’t even have to tell you how exaggerated they truly are, all in the purpose of having a good laugh. If you have a blonde friend that knows how to take a joke, or you want to fill an awkward conversation blank with something funny to get you out of it, we have a great selection of clean blonde jokes that won’t offend.

Our funniest blonde jokes aren’t here to judge anybody; all we want is to laugh about them together with you.