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Turning personal characteristics into a laugh is a trait of positive people. Funny Hindi jokes to prove the fact.

The 21-st century has created a world without boundaries, a world of togetherness and globalization. People are shifting careers, leaving their homelands, taking risks at building a new life for themselves - and all this for the sake of a better future. Societies have become multi-cultural like never before. Now more than ever we can meet someone from Italy on our morning subway ride, we have several colleagues from China and Thailand at work or order dinner on the phone from that cute little Indian restaurant you saw the other day.

Yes, people have mixed themselves into a world full of cultural customs and started accepting some as their own. Interracial marriages are more common than ever and it's actually pretty nice to live in a civilization that doesn't judge based on your skin color or religious beliefs. And now that Hindi natives have started surrounding the globe, it's only understandable why Hindi funny jokes are enjoyed and understood by everyone. Their distinct cultural attributes allow for anecdotes to be transformed into Hindi comedy jokes you'd love to hear at relaxed work gatherings and parties. However, there's more to the Hindi culture than funny mishaps between Santa and Banta.

The Hindi culture is one that cherishes love and respect through many traditions. It strives to focus on the important things in life like honor and respect towards the elders while putting aside your personal ego in order to bring out the true nature of your soul. Body and mind should be united by purity as a very important concept followed in day-to-day life. If one strives to keep their mind, speech and body pure from external bad influences and unwanted energy by living wisely, they will keep their soul in its unspoiled, natural condition. And this is a much admired virtue.

The beliefs and principles of the Hindi deserve nothing but our full respect. And if you're reading this after coming across our Hindi jokes section, thinking to yourself "Well, isn't this quite the opposite and offensive?" we assure you it isn't. Everyone's the same in our eyes - be it the "dumb blondes", cheerful Mexicans or Hindus with funny life dilemmas - as long as they bring about a good laugh along. We are devoted to bringing you a way to have fun, and if you happen to enjoy them that's great. Coming up is a fine selection of the best Hindi jokes that will crack up every native.

So if you're inviting your Hindi colleagues to the Christmas party at the office coming up or organizing a team-building weekend, start off a conversation with Hindi jokes, funny and witty so no one gets offended, and if you're close enough with them, of course. Choose some from our section of Hindi jokes in English, created so that everyone can understand them.