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Blonde Hair

Q: Why did the blonde run out of shampoo so fast?
A: She kept following the instructions: lather, rinse, repeat!

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All hail the science of laughter! No one can resist a good, clever joke they can relate to. A single short one (even if it's just one of the lame jokes you read in daily newspapers) can act like a powerful pill against stress and pain. It has been scientifically proven that laughter is good for your mental health, as it triggers the release of endorphins - or happy hormones, that release your mind from the weight of daily stress. That's why everyone enjoys funny jokes; they make us forget our problems and instantly lift up our mood. Enjoying a good laugh with family and friends enhances your emotional connection to them even more.

If these mental facts aren't enough to persuade you, then maybe you need to know how much laughing benefits your body and overall health as well! Laughing protects your heart and lungs by increasing the oxygen levels and boosts your immune system on the long run. Surely you've heard of some good old lady somewhere in Asia that lived up to a hundred by feeding herself on nothing but nature's goodies and a positive state of mind. Laughter also relieves pain by fighting away the tension, so if you have a friend going through a difficult situation, maybe you can try and cheer them up with some positive thoughts and a few of your silly jokes to get them in the mood.

So coming home after a long, hard day at work means you can finally lie down and unwind. Start the dinner and clean up the dishes, maybe catch a movie on the TV later on with a bowl of popcorn and finish up the night with an hour or two of mechanical Internet scrolling before you shut your eyes for nighty-night time. Yes, it's all a lovely pattern you got going on day after day, but it doesn't really take away your mind off that project due on Thursday or the sum of money you have to give to the lady at the bank tomorrow. Instead of wasting good quality time on who liked what and who went where on Facebook, why don't you do something to benefit both your body and soul?

Reading a couple of really funny jokes right before you go to bed might prep you up for a good night of quality sleep and have you start the morning with the thought that you can rule the world! And this is the site where you can do it! Our super funny jokes, riddles and pick-up lines will keep you cracking up for hours of fun and joy, alone or with friends. In the subway on a cold winter morning on your way to work, at another unbearable holiday family gathering or on a long-distance plane trip to an exotic destination; you can always count on our funny jokes in English to keep you company. Just make sure you have enough battery on your laptop or cell, as you'll definitely lose track of time!

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